February 2024 Staff Updates

Mar 29, 2024 4:53:18 PM | February 2024 Staff Updates

project manager

Dovetail has a new Project Manager! We welcomed Sandy Conover to the Dovetail Family in February and her skills and knowledge are taking off!

Sandy ConoverWe have learned that we need a dedicated Project Manager to handle implementation and finishing of all projects. As your designer steps back, Sandy will be taking center stage when after the contract has been signed. Our clients will be hearing from her regarding scheduling and more. She is your go-to gal for all things scheduling-related.

If you read that name and think, "Hold up, I know her!" - you're spot on! Sandy's back in Charlottesville, catching up with friends and getting settled in again.
She vibes with our values like they're BFFs - integrity, creativity, open communication, growth & dedicated service to our customers. We're over the moon that she's already feeling at home. 



Amy Hart

Written By: Amy Hart